Unsung songs recorded by Bath Hospital Radio

Volunteer Clare Reddaway has been out and about recording in the community for Bath Hospital Radio.

She visited St Michael’s School in Twerton to record some very special songs being sung by Walcot State Choir.

“The lyrics of these songs were written by the children of St Michael’s about all the things they find exciting about where they live,” explained Clare who is one of the volunteer broadcasters at Bath Hospital Radio.

The songs were sung at the school assembly as part of the Unsung project run by Olly and Caroline of Kilter Theatre.

Olly and Caroline worked with the schoolchildren to write the lyrics, which are then professionally set to music.

The songs were given to a local choir – in this case Walcot State Choir – to sing back to the children.

Have a listen to these quirky and charming musical pictures of Twerton in Bath.

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