Trimmer on twitter @bathradio

Spring is here… and at Bath Hospital Radio we’re getting trimmer on twitter ahead of the summer while adding some weiUnknownght to our live evening request shows later this month.

As of today you’ll find that we’ve slimmed down on twitter – we’ve lost a few letters in our username. You can now follow and tweet us @bathradio.

And from Monday 30 May our live evening request shows are getting bigger – we’re introducing a new live request show every Wednesday from 8pm to 9pm.

It means our live request shows will be on air from 8pm to 9pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

If you know a patient or staff member at the Royal United or Royal National Hospitals and want us to play a request for them, you can do it by tweeting us @bathradio

Or if you’re listening online at home and want us to play your favourite piece of music or give you a shout out, just tweet us @bathradio

We look forward to reading your tweets and playing your favourite tracks.



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