RUH launches Make a Will month

During September people in Bath are being invited to make a will as part of an initiative by The Forever Friends Appeal in association with local solicitors.

Seventeen local solicitors have teamed up with the Forever Friends Appeal to give their support to the RUH’s first ever Make a Will Month which aims to encourage people to plan for the future and to help get their affairs in order.

To help raise as much money as possible throughout September, the participating solicitors are preparing and drawing up a single standard will at a reduced price of £100 or two standards Mirror Wills for £150.

This fee will then be waived by the solicitor and donated directly to the the Forever Friends Appeal for the benefit of patients a the Royal United Hospital.

As part of the initiative, Bath-based solicitor Helen Starkie visited Bath Hospital Radio to explain why making a will is a vital action for all adults.

“You’ve got to make a will because basically it’s such a mess if you don’t. It’s the only way you can ensure that things go to whom you want them to pass but also in a tax efficient way and without wasting money on tax,” Helen told hospital radio presenter Ian Martin.

You can hear Helen talking about the importance of making a will here:

Jan Witt, legacy officer at the Forever Friends Appeal, added: “Some of the best and worst days of our lives will be spent in the Royal United Hospital, Bath.

“By taking part in the the RUH Will month scheme and putting your own affairs in order will not only help your loved ones in the future, but also the patients, family and their friends cared for by the RUH.”

You can find out  more information about the Make a Will month on the Forever Friends Appeal website.

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