Interview with organisers of Bath War Hospital centenary exhibition

One hundred years after the Bath War Hospital opened, an exhibition reflecting upon the day-to-day life at the hospital will open this Monday, 13 June.

Ahead of the exhibition opening next week, Hetty Dupays, arts programme manager at Art at the Heart, and volunteer researcher Alison Guerin spoke to Bath Hospital Radio.

Bath-War-Hospital-Logo-1Hetty explained how the idea for the exhibition Acts of Kindness emerged while Alison discussed how she began researching the project which is funded by the Heritage Lottery: 1st World War ‘Then and Now’ Fund (HLF).

The war hospital, sited where the current Royal United Hospital stands, treated recovering soldiers.

In April 1916, demand for beds at the Bath War Hospital rapidly outstripped supply and large tents were erected to accommodate up to 1400 patients.

It was the “small acts of kindness” from the community that helped to support the operation of the hospital and were invaluable to the wellbeing and rehabilitation of the traumatised soldiers.

You can listen to the Hetty and Alison’s interview with Ian Martin from Bath Hospital Radio below:

Acts of Kindness will run from 13 June to 13 October 2016.


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