Fusion: Where Two Minds Collide

17 July – 2 October 2015

Central Corridor & Courtyards, Zone B, Royal United Hospital


British artists Gavin Turk and Cedric Christie made a special visit to the Royal United Hospital recently to judge student proposals for the exhibition, Fusion – Where Two Minds Collide.

Fusion – Where two minds collide is an exciting collaboration between Art at the Heart and Bath Spa University.

A total of 29 submissions were selected for the exhibition which gives students a chance to show their work in a hospital that has a footfall of 500,000 patients, staff and visitors per year

Students were invited across all disciplines – arts, science, education, drama, music and creative writing – to submit their work in response to healthcare and well-being.

The judging panel also included Dr Mike Osborn, consultant Macmillan clinical psychologist and Steve Boxall, head of capital projects and chair of the arts strategy group.

Art at the Heart was keen to encourage a multidisciplinary response and promote a wide range of interpretations to the brief, however, the work needed to fulfil the hospital’s remit of enhancing the environment for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors.


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